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Type of service


A6, A5, A4, not a standard format is possible

Color printing:

one-sided full-color printing (4 + 0), two-sided full-color printing (4 + 4), one side - full-color, the second - black and white (4 + 1). You can print in the PANTONE color palette


200-350 g / m2

Post-print processing:

Selective UV varnishing, foil stamping, creasing, die cutting

Production time:

starting from 2 working days

Information about the service

Postcards — one of the printed products types, which is a single sheet or a sheet with a fold. Postcards are used on different occasions, can be of congratulatory, business or promotional kind, but their main goal is to pay attention to a particular person or, perhaps, the company as a whole.

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