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Type of service


А6 — А3

Color printing:

double-sided full-color printing (4 + 4)


coated papers with a density of 170 g / m2 to 350 g / m2, designer papers and paperboards with or without texture, synthetic paper

Post-print processing:

plastic lamination 80-260 mk, creasing, cutting, stitching

Production time:

starting from 2 working days

Information about the service

Menu — a very important product of printing. After all, without the printing of the menu, the work of bars, restaurants, cafes is impossible. In a certain way menu affects the opinion of visitors about the cafe or restaurant, which they decided to visit. If a menu is slovenly, water-filled or fat-stained, the visitor immediately has a desire to leave. Customers are always more comfortable to use three separate menus: for main courses, desserts and drinks. Visitors will definitely appreciate this service, and this will positively affect the image of the bar or restaurant.

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