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Formats 215x305 mm, not a standard format is possible
Color printing one-sided full-color printing (4+0), two-sided full-color printing (4+4), one side - full-color, the second - black and white (4+1). You can print in the PANTONE color palette
Paper coated paper, cardboard, designer cardboard
Post-print processing die-cutting with the use of a ready-made dowel-shape, lamination, embossing, UV-varnishing
Production time from 3 working days

Folders — it is not just a convenient and functional tool for storing documents, but also an important component of the company's image. Without folders with company symbols you can not do at exhibitions, since it is in the folder that contains all the presentation material. Cardboard folders for documents are special products from a cardboard or dense enough paper. Used to store or transport several sheets of paper.