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Type of service


210x99 mm (DL) and 150x100 mm (A6), any nonstandard sizes are possible as well

Color printing:

one-sided full-color printing (4 + 0), two-sided full-color printing (4 + 4), one side - full-color, reverse - black and white (4 + 1).


coated white, from thin (90g / m) to dense (350g / m)

Production time:

1-3 working days

Information about the service

Leaflets — colorfully designed advertising cards, inform about the holding of an event and, as a rule, give certain privileges upon the visit. Flyers are a common form of advertising for places of leisure and various services. Unlike the invitation card (which is most often a registered ticket), the flyer is distributed freely (near the metro station, stitched to a check in the store, put in mailboxes, on tables in cafes, etc.).

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