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Products with carving

Products with carving
Formats any form using a die-cutting mould
Color printing one-sided full-color printing (4+0), two-sided full-color printing (4+4), one side - full-color, the second - black and white (4+1).
Paper 200-350 g/m2
Post-print processing cutting, lamination, UV-varnishing
Production time from 3 working days

Products with carving — method of post-printing processing of printing. It is also called logging or punching. This is the process of giving a paper product a certain shape, as well as the result that is obtained as a result. The process uses special equipment that allows cutting through the contour of the printed image on various materials. Carving gives functionality and unique appearance to your product. It is widely used in the manufacture of such products as: packaging, promotional materials, labels and stickers, folders, envelopes, postcards, business cards, bank cards of unusual shape, puzzles, children's and board games, puzzles, books, notebooks, magazines catalogs.