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Formats А5, А4
Color printing one-sided full-color printing (4+0), two-sided full-color printing (4+4), one side - full-color, the second - black and white (4+1). You can print in the PANTONE color palette
Paper Offset paper 80-160 g/m2, paper Xerox Colotech 90-160 g/m2.
Post-print processing numbering on demand, individual filling of each copy
Production time starting from 2 working days

Certificates — is a new standard in gift giving, which expands the horizons of opportunities. Each of us loves gifts – to receive, and to give to loved ones. If you do not know what to present for a holiday – use a gift certificate. Every self-respecting store, cosmetic or sports club, etc., issues certificates (cards) with a certain amount of money, which are intended to present. Once received such a certificate as a gift one can go to this store and buy everything the soul desires. If the amount indicated in the certificate is not enough for the chosen product or service - you can add cash.