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Formats A5, A4, not a standard format is possible
Color printing one-sided full-color printing (4+0), two-sided full-color printing (4+4), one side - full-color, the second - black and white (4+1). You can print in the PANTONE color palette
Paper Offset paper 80-160 g/m2, paper Xerox Colotech 90-160 g/m2.
Post-print processing numbering on demand, block sizing
Production time from 2 working days.

Blanks — one of the most common products of printing. In the business world, it is absolutely impossible to dispense with the printing of forms required for the conduct of the company's records management. Branded forms are one of the most common and effective advertising media. The development of product design is one of the main steps in creating a corporate identity. Sometimes, according to the design of the corporate letterhead, the success of the whole company is judged, therefore, it must be taken seriously with its creation. The quality of printing is equally important.