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Journalism, my goodness! Fedchunova M.

Journalism, my goodness! Fedchunova M.

Everything collected in the book was published throughout the years 2011–2019 on the front pages of the Black Sea News newspaper and received wide response among the general public. And it is not surprising, because the topics that are violated by Maya Fidchunova cannot leave anyone indifferent. Who are we on this earth? How to teach humanity, decency and filial love for Motherland? What can each of us do to have Ukraine stand in the fight with the aggressor and become democratic, legal and wealthy, that is, European not only by geographical coordinates, but also by its essence, the state?..

Separately through or not for all publications, the topic is the appointment of a journalist. That is to say, at the same time lectures and practical classes for younger colleagues, and even more so for those who choose to choose journalism as their specialty. Lectures and practice from the Meter, for whom journalism has become a fortune for life.

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