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Kolenko and Kolinko: Genealogical narration. Kolenko T. A.

Kolenko and Kolinko: Genealogical narration. Kolenko T. A.

The book covers the history of the family, the fate of several generations of carriers of the surname Kolenko - Kolinko from the 18th century to the present, whose ancestors lived in the Kharkov province. The life paths of carriers of different surnames, which in different years became related to the Kolinko family, are highlighted. Information is given about the inhabitants of the Radoml settlement of the Akhtyrsky district of the Kharkov province (now the city of Trostyanets, Sumy region), who lived in the 19th century (108 people).

The book includes a terminological dictionary, guidelines for the compilation and writing of genealogies.

The book is intended for descendants of the Kolenko-Kolinko clan, now living in different cities, as well as for all those who study their pedigree.

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