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My Motherland is Ukraine. Valery Zarichuk

My Motherland is Ukraine. Valery Zarichuk

Valeriy Zarichuk's books included his best art and ethnographic works. Natural lyricism, expressiveness of artistic details, emotionality, deep philosophical reflections on our purpose, the relationship of generations, historical past - these traits are characteristic of the works of novelist and ethnographer from the Odessa region, Valery Zarichuk. They are all imbued with tenderness, warmth, transparency of feelings. They have steppe, cherry, and bitter wormwood siliceous slopes of the famous Kuchurgan. In these works, the writer defends Beauty and Good, and it's not so easy in our world. In the book there is a section «With the name of the Kobzar», dedicated to the life and work of T. Shevlychenko during the exile in the Novopetrovsky fortification on the peninsula Mangyshlak.

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