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Contemporary choral work: intonational-expressive dimension. Bondar E. M.

The monograph explores modern choral work, which demonstrates a new expression of musical intonation. The thematic, genre-compositional, stylistic preconditions of formation of new expression are considered. The nature and essence of the phenomenon of over-expressive intonation are revealed, and the concept of «over-expressive intonation» as the necessary link of the conceptual system of modern theory of choral performance is introduced and defined.

The typology of executing means of over-expressive intonation is suggested, which assumes the correspondence of reception of the sounding of a sign figure and the value of intonational formations.

The work is addressed to musicologists, choirs, students of higher educational institutions in the field of art and culture, who take courses in baccalaureate, choral literature, interpretation, as well as to anyone interested in modern choral art.

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