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To the wave (What is happening in the Ukraine and with Ukraine?). Sergey Mazlach, Vasyl Shakhrai

The famous pamphlet of the two founders of «Ukrainian national communism» was first published in early 1919 in Saratov. Not without reason he is still called «Ukrainian communist manifesto». For the revelation of chauvinistic tendencies in the RCP (b) and the first formulated slogan of the Ukrainian Communist Party of both authors in March 1919 was expelled from the Bolshevik Party. Vasyl Shagrai was killed at the end of the same year by Russian Whites, and the book "To the Wave" was banned until the collapse of the USSR. In 1967 the book was reissued in New York, and in 1970 it was translated into English. In Ukraine itself, the book comes out for the first time. The annexes contain documents about authors from the archives of Kyiv and Moscow.

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