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The fluctuation theory of the sonnet - sonnet atlas: a monograph. Autumn Valentine

The monograph is a regular edition, which contains and consolidates the main provisions of the sonnet fluctuation theory. New concepts have been proposed: ideal sonnet, canonical expansion, substantial caesura, a sonnet poem with fluctuations, etc., their strict definitions are given. The typology of the world sonnet art in the form of seven types of sonnet forms, as well as the types and types of structures of sonnet dialectics, has been developed.

The practical application of the theory as a continuation of typology in the form of a classification of the existing sonnet set is considered, for which the concept of Sonnet Atlas is introduced and its definition is given, its structure and indexing in three versions are proposed. The signs of Sonnet Atlases with a decimal with mixed indexation are given for the thirty-two author's poems in sonnet form included in the book.

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