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The Times of the City. Birstein Alexander

The Times of the City. Birstein Alexander

The book includes stories about the City and its people. Odessa - the author's favorite and native city is going through hard times. Accordingly, in every way life develops among its inhabitants. This time it is not the inhabitants of one single yard, but the inhabitants of the City with their joys and sorrows, conversations and deeds. They and the City perceive differently, but invariably loving.

The book is written in a lively, witty language, in which the peculiarity, unique charm of Odessa, its uniqueness emerges.

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Одеса та я (оповідання про щастя). Олександр Бірштейн

6 August 2022 in 22:41

Щастя, частіше за все, виявляється в минулому. Ось чому так хочеться згадувати. Саме це й робить автор у своїй новій книзі, присвяченій Одесі., а отже і самому собі. Адже автор і Місто невіддільні.

Useful life of a mischievous boy. Alexander Birshtein

28 January 2021 in 22:55

The author's new collection includes stories about himself, parents, friends and even enemies. These are stories about the useful life of a bad boy, from childhood to... to the present day.

«Boulevard French all...» Birshtein Alexander

21 August 2020 in 23:08

The author's new book continues the tradition of walks in Odessa. This time it is dedicated to the French Boulevard, its history, architecture, and most importantly - the people who inhabited it or are associated with it.

Tales of love: stories. Birshtein A.

13 January 2020 in 21:52

The book has been written for many years. Yes, and love stories cannot be written in one sitting, which the author, nevertheless, called fairy tales.

Madame Gomenbašen and me too. Birstein Alexander

1 February 2019 in 16:56

Madame Gomenbašen - the guardian angel of the hero of this book, the action of which mainly takes place on Moldavanka, the best, in the opinion of the author, the district of Odessa.


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