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Long echo of love. Nevara Galina

Long echo of love. Nevara Galina

In this book, the famous pop singer, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Galina Nevara, talks about her life and creativity, shares thoughts about honor and conscience, moral integrity of a person, a high and ennobling feeling of love, loyalty and loyalty, about the eternal and modern, about songs and creativity, about human destinies.

A significant place in the book is occupied by memories of meetings with the great Polish singer Anna Herman, whose creative heir is Galina Nevara, with her family and friends, about participating in concerts in memory of A. Herman, along with leading masters of pop art.

The book contains unique documents from the personal archive of the singer - letters, reviews, photos, articles and poems dedicated to Galina Nevara.

The book is based on documentary information and is designed for a wide range of readers. Any generation will find in it a lot of interesting stories from the life of entertainers of 1970–2015.

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2 February 2020 in 04:10

Галина Ивановна здравствуйте ! А книга в Россию отправляется?

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6 March 2019 in 19:35

В Россию книга отправляется?

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