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Press release: Odessa poet Marina Martyusheva presents her debut book «Feel the Skin»

Press release: Odessa poet Marina Martyusheva presents her debut book «Feel the Skin»

On November 25, poet Marina Martyusheva presents her debut collection «Feel the Skin» in her native Odessa.

«Feel the Skin» - a lyrical confession that absorbed 12 years of life of the author: from youth and pure sincerity to painful knowledge of wisdom . The collection is a mosaic of feelings and thoughts: burning pain, total happiness, love, trouble, hope. This book is for those who have not lost the true gift to feel skin, mind and heart.

«The only thing that remains unchanged in the works of Marina Martyusheva is a keen sense of life, I would even say a premonition of life at the fingertips» (Anna Kostenko, writer, Candidate of Philology).

10% of the proceeds from sales of the poetic collection will be directed to the charitable help to the ENT department of the Odessa City Clinical Hospital # 11 (one of the important The activities of the department are the treatment of cancer patients.

Date: November 25 16:30

Venue: Odessa Regional Universal Scientific Library. MS Hrushevsky (Troitskaya Street, 49/51)

Reference. Marina Martyusheva (under the passport Marina Sergeevna Belek) was born on March 20, 1991 in Odessa. Journalist on a specialty, worked in several magazines, information agency, political party, etc. Winner of numerous literary contests, actively promoting his work in Instagram. The desire to help people with an oncologic diagnosis is not accidental: in 2018, the poet was cured of cancer.



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