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Aloha: a theatrical-sculptural collection. Lyubov Andrey

Aloha: a theatrical-sculptural collection. Lyubov Andrey

Sometimes it's even difficult for adults to explain what art is. The author tries to answer the question: is art an imitation or a creation of a new one? From the collection the reader will learn how sculptures in the public space of Odessa were created from installations and stories. And in the book you will find plays that are still better to look at the stage, stories, installations, poems in the most unexpected genres and for different ages.

Andrei Lyubov is a writer, playwright, sculptor. Author of art objects "Sunny Heart" and "Key of Recognition", located in the public space of Odessa. In 2013 he founded the theater-gallery "Aloha". The theater, besides the organization of performances, is engaged in the popularization of contemporary art, the creation of performances, installations, sculptural compositions (public art, land art). Prizewinner of international theatrical competitions "Milk" and "Green Point", organizer of exhibitions "Angel in a Box" and "Chaos beach art".

"Aloha" (Hawaiian) means "Hello", "Goodbye", "I love you". The breath of life is the Spirit of Aloha.

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