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Moldavian brat: reprint "oh, everything." Verba Julia

Moldavian brat: reprint

Enjoy yourself and Odessa - forget about time management, diets, stress, bad sun, casual relationships and the ghost of dysentery. Everything in Odessa is no coincidence, it is easy and joyful. Eat crustaceans on the beach and unwashed apricots from a tree, kiss with burnt noses under Duke, bargain, laugh out loud, shout songs on the boulevard and cry with delight at the painting by Caravaggio. And when you leave, take this state and mood with you. "Moldavan brat" is not a collection of stories, but a bunch of keys - to childhood, summer, to Odessa.

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Enjoy yourself and Odessa - hammer on time management, diet, stress, the harmful sun, casual connections and the specter of dysentery. In Odessa, everything is not accidental, it is easy and joyful.


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