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History of Mathesis Publishing, 1904-1925. Rikun-Stein I. E.

History of Mathesis Publishing, 1904-1925. Rikun-Stein I. E.

In the first quarter of the twentieth century, the publishing house "Matezis" actively and fruitfully worked in Odessa, publishing scientific, popular science and educational books on mathematics and natural sciences. With a careful selection of books, a high level of translation and printing, the publishing house has earned a reputation as the best in its field. This was the merit of its creators and employees. Based on long-term searches and careful study of various sources of information, the author traces in detail the history of the publishing house, highlights the biographies of its "founding fathers", analyzes the work on preparing the works of foreign and domestic authors for publication. A catalog of books published by Matezis from 1905 to 1925 is presented, with reviews of them in periodicals.

The unique section "Brief Biographical Notes" contains information about 180 persons mentioned in the text, many of whom are little known. The reference and auxiliary apparatus is very extensive, it includes indexes of authors, translators and editors of translations, reviewers, periodicals who published reviews. Local historians will be especially interested in the lists of printing houses in which the books of the publishing house were printed, and the educational and scientific institutions, scientific societies of Odessa mentioned in the text. All indexes are supplied with bibliographic lists. Using the book will facilitate the index.

An information-rich, richly illustrated book, combining science with an accessible living presentation, is addressed to everyone who is interested in the history of book publishing, science and education.

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