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Green course... in Odessa. Malinovsky Albert

Green course... in Odessa. Malinovsky Albert

At the beginning of the last century, I. Michurin wrote: “The cherished dream of life has always been to see people stop at plants with the same interest, with the same bated breath, with which they stop in front of... a more improved tractor, a harvester that has not yet been seen, an unfamiliar plane or in front of a machine of unknown design".

"Green Course... in Odessa" by A. Malinovsky is an interesting story about the trees of our streets, courtyards, parks, squares, squares, gardens. The features of trees and their impact on people and the environment are reflected.

A. V. Malinovsky is the author of the previously published popular books "Cinema in Odessa", "How do you live, fellow countrymen?" citizens on "Privoz", collections of songs "Odessa and Love" and "Songs and Poems" Odessa and Love "," Save us from greedy eyes".

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