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…And spring went with them. Lyubov Kuzmenko

…And spring went with them. Lyubov Kuzmenko

Lyubov Dmytrivna Kuzmenko, the compiler of the anthology "...And Spring Went with Them" and the author of many materials included in the book, grew up in Balti. She became a journalist, public, political and cultural figure in the Kodyma region, where the family moved to her husband's place of service. This region, its people, their victorious way, thirst for life sunk into the soul of the journalist. It is therefore not surprising that one of the turbulent periods of the Kodyma region - World War II, which wounded almost every Ukrainian family, fell on the pages of the historical memory of descendants.

Are you ready to feel the whole tragedy of the Second World War as its soldiers, guerrillas and underground fighters, workers of the rear and children of the war - today's veterans and participants in hostilities, eyewitnesses who defended and raised our land from the ruins and ashes? If so, this book is for you. Its pages will reveal to you the fate of compatriots and those who liberated Kodymshchyna from fascist evil. It was they who, having won a fierce battle, proved their love for the Fatherland and passed it on to the new generations of the prosperous land.

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