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Theatrical kaleidoscope. Kovlakova I. B.

Theatrical kaleidoscope. Kovlakova I. B.

The book is an attempt by the author to penetrate into the history of the development of the world theatrical art. We have been given the opportunity to get acquainted with the theater of ancient civilizations: Egypt, India, China, Rome, ancient Greece, the peoples of Europe, including the Slavs.

The book tells about the development of stage genres such as dramatic art, opera, ballet, pantomime, comedy del arte, musical, children's and puppet theater, as well as the ancient art of oriental shadow theater.

We will restore in our memory the names and destinies of the once great artists, luminaries of the stage, whose images have somewhat faded today. The book presents interesting stories and stories from the life of more than four hundred famous and great masters of the world and national stage.

We are convinced that after reading the book "Theatrical Kaleidoscope", you will learn a lot of new, very interesting!

The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

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