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Examples of calculation of steel structures: a textbook. Gilodo O. Yu.

Examples of calculation of steel structures: a textbook. Gilodo O. Yu.

Mastering special disciplines is not possible without gaining practical skills in the calculation of building structures. Design knowledge is important for gaining qualifications. The experience of teaching and designing steel structures has shown that in order to successfully master the curriculum and acquire the competencies of a specialist, students need to consider in detail along with the theoretical course and practical. The methodical basis of such a course is a set of considered examples of calculation of steel structures and tasks for independent work. The textbook sets out the main provisions of the theory, which are necessary for understanding the principles of operation of steel structures, and gives examples of their calculation. Calculation formulas have references to modern standards. Each section sets out calculation methods and design requirements. Examples are given for the calculation of rolled and folded beams, solid and through columns, their heads and bases, joints of beams and columns, welded and bolted joints of steel structures. The appendices contain the range and reference data required for the design.

The manual is intended for use both during practical classes and in course and diploma design for bachelors majoring in "Construction and Civil Engineering".

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