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Cheerful book. Oliynyk Stepan

Cheerful book. Oliynyk Stepan

Works for children by the famous Ukrainian writer Stepan Oliynyk reveal vivid pictures of the children's world. Written with great love and humor, funny stories are at the same time instructive, kindly ridiculing certain negative traits and shortcomings of upbringing.

All the plots of the poems reproduce unimagined life stories and all their characters are also true. For example, poems about Iryna are dedicated to the author's little neighbor and retell funny stories that happened to her. As well as stories about Stepan Oliynyk's granddaughter, little Oksanka or about the "illness" that befell the boy Vova. The "Funny Book" also contains memoirs of the writer from his own childhood.

All illustrations to the poems were also drawn by children.

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