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Typological onomastics

Typological onomastics

The book is a new scientific direction, launched by Ukrainian onomatologists. Tom is devoted to a typological study of myths. This is the first linguistic study in which various mythologies of the world are considered in correlation with the names of gods, deities, heroes, titans, demonic characters, supernatural beings.

The human race on Earth is one. Some differences between people are completely incompatible with their similarity. Science proves the unity of the origin of mankind, the unity of its language and thinking, spiritual and creative activity, which is caused by the same biological preconditions. This unity led to a single, by and large, world religion and a single mythology.

Mythology can not exist without language design, without verbal expression, without words, without names. Without speech, without a word, there is no human life. Scientists emphasize the originally mythological character of all verbal and linguistic concepts. An ancient person is all animate, every thing has its own spirit; the oldest dictionary was a sounding pantheon.

Mythology is immanent in human consciousness, the time of origin of mythological images is inextricably linked with the origin of language and consciousness. Myths are the primary layer of human culture.

It is this understanding of religion and mythology that gives the principal possibility of typological comparison of specific religious and mythological systems of any ethnic and supraethnic human communities in the present and in any chronological sections of the past.

The proposed book on the material of a large number of living and dead languages ​​explores the names of mythological characters, the philosophy of their manifestation in the mind of man.

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