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Visit Privoz more often: essays. Mamontov V. I.

Visit Privoz more often: essays. Mamontov V. I.

In his new book, the author, with his characteristic observation, in a good-naturedly mocking tone, talks about the stunning variety of aura that takes place on the famous "Privoz". The heroes of the story are not invented, but real regulars and guests who come to the "Womb of Odessa" and to get some kind of halomes for money, and for the sake of "interesu". In its own way, the colorful, sparkling and harmless Odessa humor, striking not into the eyebrow, but into the eye, saturating the book, confirms that the pearl by the sea, now famous all over the world, remains unique and inimitable, as it were, to the understanding of how it really is there is, yes, this very thing that someone once invented and gave it a name by name - Life.

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