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Accounting in enterprise management: a tutorial. Kryukova I.O.

Accounting in enterprise management: a tutorial. Kryukova I.O.

The textbook examines the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of accounting as one of the main tools in the modern mechanism of enterprise management. Considerable attention is paid to the forms and means of information and analytical support of the management process, current management methods based on modern concepts and methodological approaches in the management system. The methodology and technique of drawing up accounting and management reporting required for solving urgent business development problems is presented. The issues of accounting and analytical support of value management, management on the principles of social responsibility and information support of strategic management of enterprises are also considered.

Designed for applicants for educational degrees "bachelor" and "master" of specialty 071 "Accounting and Taxation" of the branch of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration", accounting specialists, specialists and personnel of business structures whose activities are related to the sphere of management.

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