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Game rules: memories. Serpak A.

Game rules: memories. Serpak A.

The second book by the famous Odessa climber Alexander Serpak continues the theme raised in his first book «Preference with Fortune»: these are difficult and dangerous ascents in large mountains that require serious preparation. In parallel, autobiographical notes sound, the memories of his friends about the first steps in mountaineering.

The book will be of interest to everyone who is not indifferent to this sport.

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Пасьянс воспоминаний: зарисовки из жизни. Александр Серпак

9 July 2022 in 22:21

В завершающей части трилогии автор продолжает раскрывать особенности альпинизма как вида спорта, смещая акцент на философское осмысление прошедших событий.


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