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The first notebook «My Happy School Year» was created with the thought of teachers, educators and educators.

The first notebook «My Happy School Year» was created with the thought of teachers, educators and educators.

Despite the development of digital technologies, it remains relevant to enter entries in such a notebook, since it has a number of advantages:

- the period of keeping a notebook, unlike the existing ones, is an academic year and starts from September 1.

- for convenience, the user immediately sees the fields for the whole week and can quickly determine the free space for planning leisure and hobbies.

- All dates, days, weeks and month names are pre-filled to save time. All that remains is to fill in the time and content of the task.

- a thematic coloring antistress, which are intended for physical and psychological health, as well as for the development of creative health and good mood, was selected in the notebook before each month.

- contains pages for recordings during meetings and meetings. And additional space «For Notes».

- in addition to pages for recording strategic plans, passwords, favorite books, the notebook contains a list of useful links for the work of teachers at different levels: school-college-university.

Since this is a working notebook, the following were taken into account during the production: format, type of letters, convenient and high-quality binding and other features.

Interested in the book? You can order this and other books by clicking on the link


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