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Scoop Museum: Humor. Satire. A life. Grigory Yablonsky

Scoop Museum: Humor. Satire. A life. Grigory Yablonsky

The book of the veteran feuilletonist and prose writer combined his stories in the genre of satire and humor, written over more than half a century and published in magazines and newspapers, in radio and television broadcasts not only in Ukraine, but also throughout the former Union. And today, the author warns: only by getting rid of the ugly legacy of the «scoop» in man and society, you can create a real European country. Not only reader interest has been proved in the work of G. Yablonsky - updated and new stories can still become pop miniatures, radio and television programs, and movie scripts. The author enjoys well-deserved success on the Internet on the creative pages of Facebook.

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