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Man: religion and science. V. I. Gershun.

Man: religion and science. V. I. Gershun.

This book is about the main thing that a person has, about his soul and spirit. It reveals the role of religion in increasing the spirituality of a person and in finding them happiness, health and longevity. The book shows the unity of views of religion and science on many issues of human being and on the world around him. It is noted that religion and science have independent spheres of competence and therefore they cannot conflict with each other. The book shows the role of education in increasing human spirituality and inter-religious tolerance. This book is about the view of scientists on religion.

The book will be useful for every person who is looking for the meaning of his life and wants to find faith, hope and love. It is designed for a wide range of readers and may be useful in the study of religious studies.

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