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Trinity: a lyrical trilogy. Shchipkivskyi G.P.

Trinity: a lyrical trilogy. Shchipkivskyi G.P.

Trinity: a lyrical trilogy. Shchipkivsky GP To the lyrical trilogy "The Trinity" included the stories «Shchem», «Zapoloch», «Patsorki».

Peter Soroka wrote in the introduction to «Shchem»: «Rarely have anyone been able to merge poetry and prose together. It is a story-confession, a story-pain, a story-meditation».

The Tale «Zapoloch» is a living memory, embroidered with words.

In «Patsorki», poetry naturally and freely flows into prose.

Let the reader not condemn for some repetitions, because there is no thought, no, and emerge, reminiscent of what was the most precious and forever settled in the soul.

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