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Application of innovative technologies and 3D printing in the design of jewelry

Application of innovative technologies and 3D printing in the design of jewelry

The monograph presents the results of an analysis of modern research in the field of casting technology and design design of jewelry. The prospects of applying the technology of increasing the fluidity of copper alloys simulating the color design of gold alloys and the use of 3D printers for printing master models from plastic for jewelry casting are justified.

In the 21st century, products produced by industrial methods, in addition to specified technical parameters, should have high aesthetic characteristics. Industrial design should be understood as an artistic and technical process in the field of design, as well as the results of this process in the form of sketches, virtual 3D-models, drawings and products for various purposes. In jewelry casting, such products are mainly jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.) made of precious alloys or colored alloys imitating the design of precious metals from gold, silver, platinum. Unlike industrial products, jewelery has a demand only at a high level of aesthetic indicators: artistic expressiveness and perfection of production execution. Therefore, modern approaches to the design of jewelry design should ensure the creation of an artistic image of jewelry and its execution by casting, stimulate the emergence of emotional desire for the consumer to make a purchase.

In the book, the questions of casting and jewelry design are considered in a comprehensive manner and are presented on the basis of the analysis of modern achievements in the field of development of new alloys of molding materials and design design using 3D technology.

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