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Astroprint publishing house presents a new scientific edition

Astroprint publishing house presents a new scientific edition

Dzhyzhora EV Hymnography of Kievan Rus XI-XIII centuries: structural integral of the cannon of the mine cycle. - Odessa, 2018 - 480 pp.

In the monograph a complex study of the laws was carried out. ensuring the connection of structural elements in literary and artistic on the whole of the canonical canons of the Kievan Rus of the XI-XIII centuries. In the literature of Kiev Rus XI-XIII centuries. Mining cycle service is determined by the will of the author (editor, compiler, copywriter, etc.) a multi-system system lyrics, conceptually subordinated to a single purpose and embodied in a particular liturgical collection. In the hymnographic work, the glorified image is the lowest level of a structural organization. However, this very low level acts as a system-forming component, which ensures the ideological and compositional connection of a single paradigmatic topic and nine local themes in the structural totality Minine canon. In view of the harmonization of semiotic components, investigated mines of the Kievan Rus of XI-XIII centuries. differ as such where the author carries out: the simplest structure of the image; complicated structure of the image; the complex structure of the image.

The book is designed for professionals from the medieval ancient Ukrainian literature, students and graduate students of higher educational institutions and religious institutions and anyone interested in the issues of medievalism.

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